Anonymous: You probably talked about this a lot, but, what do you think about barca now? How we are doing and stuff.


We are not doing good. We deserved to lose every trophy this season, no excuses, no complaining. Lack of spirit and motivation is the main reason. And Tata’s priorities don’t fit us because he wanted to rest players because CdR final but I am sure every culé was ready to lose CdR against Real for La Liga. Now Both are, probably, gone. And board refused to sign a CB for 4 years and we have no natural CB at the moment. So I can’t blame only one person. Our problems started in 2011, after we won UCL. Leo carried the team for too long. Things went unnoticed because of Leo and Pep’s announcement and Tito’s cancer. Now board will probably blame Tata for everything and things will go unnoticed AGAIN. Culés need to say “no” but I don’t trust them. It’s just a utopia. Without a summer election and renovation (in squad, not the stadium) we will keep going like this. If they use half of 600M for squad, then rest would come. Bad, very bad management.